Energy and environment

EU Energy label

Since September 2014, there are mandatory rules on energy efficiency of vacuum cleaners within the EU. Because of this there has been a turnaround in the wattage of the vacuum cleaner. The average power of 2200 watts fell down to 1600 watts. We have altered the material of our Microfleece Plus dust bags to ensure that the vacuum cleaner efficiency is guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly

The Microfleece Plus vacuum cleaner bags are made of polypropylene (PP). This material is flexible so that it easily adapts to the shape of the dust bag compartment and optimallu utilezes the volume of the bag. In addition, PP is insensitive to the high temperatures in your vacuum cleaner. The material also emits no toxic substances when burning household waste.

The collars of the dust bags are made of recycled cardboard, or also of polypropylene. The same goes for the packaging of the vacuum cleaner bags, they are made from recycled paper which is biodegradable.